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Dear Energy Stakeholders,

MASKEEI has been proud to have successfully organized IEECCE in 2017 and 2018 which have become our organization Flagship Event. IEECCE is in away a unique event in Indonesia dedicated to discussing the issues related to energy uses in the economy. It is one of our missions to observe and respond to the dynamics of the energy issues, particularly on the demand side of the energy equation, hat is enabling us to meaningfully contribute to the country’s sustainable development efforts.

This 3rd. IEECCE 2021, which will take place in June 14-16, 2021, will be held in collaboration with the country’s oldest technological Institute, the Bandung Institute of Technology (better known as ITB) as a way of paying a tribute to the long history of the technological education in Indonesia and to get a closer relationship with the Academic Communities.

In this event, and as before, the conference will address all sectors of the economy that consume the largest amount of the national energy resources, namely the Industries, Commercial Buildings, Mobility and the Households. However, this time we will give more attention to the Mobility Sector, not only looking at the fact that this sector is currently the biggest energy user and significant contributor to environmental pollution, it also for the good reason that Indonesia is currently poised to building cleaner transportation system through the development of Battery based Electric Vehicle (BEV), as the country possesses a huge mineral resources like Nickel, and other rare earth being the main raw materials to produce the EV batteries.

Overall the Conference hopes to see prominent speakers with deep insight and expertise to share with the participants in each of the sectors, and continue to stage sponsored Exhibition, which this time will be presented virtually in parallel with the Conference. to show case various solutions from reputed national and international companies or institutions.

Like before, the 3rd IEECCE 2021 will enjoy great supports from the various government ministries and agencies, and from some international institutions, like the International Energy Agency (IEA) and others. I hope many of you who had participated in IEECCE previously will come back to build up stronger business network and those who will participate for the first time in this great event will find it meaningful and rewarding.

I look forward to welcoming you all to the IEECCCE 2021 to share with prominent speakers’ deep insight, great expertise and best practices in energy efficiency and conservation.



R.M. Soedjono Respati

(Chairman of MASKEEI)


Vice Chairman

Sigit P. Santoso

(DIrector of NCSTT-ITB)

The Comittee

About the Host and Co-Host

The 3rd IEECCE is hosted by The Indonesian Energy Conservation and Efficiency Society (MASKEEI) and The National Center for Sustainable Transportation Technology PUI-STT (NCSST-ITB)

MASKEEI is a not-for-profit Civil Society Organization (CSO) advocating and promoting the efficient use of energy in all sectors of the economy, including the Industry, Transportation, Buildings and Household. It deals primarily with the demand side of the energy equation. MASKEEI considers Energy Efficiency efforts and the use of Renewable Energy as the main efforts toward energy conservation for sustainable development, and therefore considers Energy Efficiency as the FIRST ENERGY/FUEL that one’s should consider before using any other sort of energy.

MASKEEI was established in June 2014 in Jakarta, encourages all efforts in using the energy more efficiency to meet the national energy needs without necessarily building up more supply capacity to meet the increasing energy needs for sustainable development. (

NCSTT is a unique multidisciplinary research center at ITB devoted to conducting, supporting, and encouraging applied engineering and technology for transportation system. NCSTT is designated as the host for the national center of excellence for transportation by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. The vision is to support national transportation roadmap which can leverage the competitiveness of the local industry. Meanwhile, the mission is to develop national transportation industry within the strong innovation ecosystem. To build competitive transportation industries with strong support from the national resources and technologies that can compete in local, regional, and global markets.

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