What is IEECCE?

IEECCE is a unique (the only) international event in Indonesia dedicated to addressing the issues of Energy Efficiency and Conservation particularly on the demand side of the energy equation. The Event have been successfully held in several years back, and each Event has been well attended by enthusiastic domestic and international participant. MASKEEI has held this bi-annual Events the first time in 2017, and the latest event (the 3rd IEECDE) was organized in fully virtual format in June 2021 during the Covid 19 Pandemic era.

As Indonesia has been relatively successful to put the Covid 19 Pandemic under control, this 4th IEECCE will be held in person (off line) on 12 - 13 July 2023 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICE) in the BSD City, located in a new dynamic hub for green and smart city development. Although the event is basically offline, we provide an online platform for international Speakers/Presenters who for some reasons could not participate in the event in person.

We are pleased to announce that from this year on, IEECCE will be held in tandem with the 11th Indo-EBTKEConex 2023 organized by our sister organization, the Indonesian Renewable Society (METI), under the name of INDONESIA CLEAN ENERGY WEEK 2023 (ICEW), and this will become an annual Event from now on.

This time we will be guided by theme reflecting the global efforts on decarbonizing the economy by mid of this century. "Scaling Up Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Energy Transition toward Net Zero Emission (NZE) by 2060 or Earlier”, as Indonesia has pledged its commitment to the world.

The Conference expects to be participated by prominent international Speakers addressing the issues related to the strategic role of energy efficiency in the context of the clean energy development toward implementing and achieving the goals of the Low Carbon Development, and contributing to the global climate change mitigation in the process.

The Exhibition, to be held in parallel with the Conference, will showcase the state of the art of technology, products, solutions and best practices that could enhance significant energy efficiency in the main sectors of the economy (industry, transportation, buildings and household).

As usual, the Event will be attended by stakeholders, consisting of government representatives, international corporate and industry professionals, researcher, academician, and other organization including the CSO’s from the region and beyond.

Due to limited seats, pre-registration is required for attendance participating in this Event. Please register your participation at here (Link).

Past Events


The 3rd IEECCE 2021, which has been held virtually on June 14-17, 2021, in collaboration with the country’s oldest technological Institute, the Bandung Institute of Technology (better known as ITB) as a way of paying a tribute to the long history of the technological education in Indonesia and to get a closer relationship with the Academic Communities.

It has been attended by more than 1.400 participants online each day, from 10 countries and 36 national and international companies have participated in the virtual Exhibition.

IEECCE 2017 – 2018 (In Person)

The 1st IEECCE in 2017 and the 2nd IEECCE in 2018 have become our organization Flagship Event, dedicated to addressing the broad and strategic issues of the Clean Energy Development and in particular of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

The 1st IEECCE has been attended by 170 participants and having 60 prominent speakers, both national and international and 8 major national company have participated in Exhibition.

As for the 2nd IEECCE has been attended by 250 participants, 67 prominent speakers and 5 exhibitors involved.

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