On the 3rd day the Event will continue with various virtual Side Events. Please click the Registration button below to register yourself on the Side Events.

Bringing policy makers and relevant experts in the field of Sustainable Mobility to discuss the related issues in depth. The summary of the discussions will be used to provide recommendations to the Government and other stakeholders to consider in making better policy and strategy for developing competitive BEV according to the targets set by the Government.

Bringing policy makers and relevant experts as well as (ESCO) business players, to discuss the issues related to the application of ESCO business models responding to the challenges encountered in developing ESCO business in the emerging economies, and to learn from the international best practices and technological developments in support of applying the business model to help achieve the best possible results from the energy efficiency programs.

Business Meetings are held to provide an opportunity for Exhibitors to meet with parties who are interested in the products / services on display by providing more detail information. The meeting will be grouped into several sessions according to the type of products / services category exhibited. Pre-registration is required to use this facility.

This Session is a follow-up to the Business Meeting which will provide opportunities for serious visitors to know in further detail about the products or business offered by the Exhibitors. This will be organized on a “one to one” meeting between the Visitors and the Exhibitor’s competent representative. Pre-registration is required to use this facility.

Several training and workshops related to ESCO business and to Green and Smart Buildings will be offered in this Session. Interested participants should observe the Terms and conditions applied, and Pre-registration is required for participants.

Green Corner is a series of interviews on issues discussed in the Conference, as well as issues related to the other agenda of the 3rd IEECCE 2021. The interviews are conducted by a senior Host provided by MASKEEI with selected individuals present at the Event or those who are specially invited for the interviews The interview will be stream on YouTube Channel and are uploaded to this website.

MASKEEI in collaboration with BERITA SATU TV CHANNEL is hosting the taping/recording of GreenTalk episodes related to the issues of Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Low Carbon Development. GreenTalk is a weekly program by BERITA SATU NEWS TV CHANNEL broadcast on Monday at 8.00 pm – 09.00 pm. There will be 2 special Episodes recording for the program with selected resource persons who will be determined later. This program can be enjoyed on Berita Satu TV Channel and Berita Satu YouTube.

To visit selected objects located in Indonesia or abroad which are considered to have contributed positive business and environmental impacts by addressing the issues of energy efficiency and conservation effectively. Utilizing the digital technology, participants led by a Guide will get the opportunity to interact with the Hosts in the visited objects. Pre-registration is required.

Curious about how an electric car handles on the road? IEECCE2021 give you an opportunity for a test drive at Serpong / BSD Area from EV Manufacturing which are:

  1. Mercedes Benz
  2. BMW
  3. Hyundai
  4. BYD
  5. Others (including E-Scooters)
Pre-registration is required.

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