About The Event

Virtual Exhibition

The Exhibition to be held in parallel with the Conference will showcase the state of the art of technological products and solutions that could enhance significant energy efficiency in the main sectors of the economy (industry, transportation, buildings and household).

Exhibition opportunities is included in a package of compensation for sponsorship.

Using the virtual platform, the Exhibition will attract interested audiences from across Indonesia and beyond the national borders. Through the virtual platform, international exhibitors will be able to expose their products and to directly engage in effective interactions with potential buyers in Indonesia, and the Indonesian based export-oriented companies can similarly engage interactions with potential buyers from across the world.

The same platform will also enable Exhibitors to meet with the interested parties at the Business Meetings that will be specially organized for this purpose. This will enable exhibitors to engage directly with the interested audience to provide elaborate information about the products or services. The Virtual Exhibition will be broadcast online 24 hours a day to make accessible in different time line of the Globe.. Please contact us for more details.

Exhibition Floor Plan

The Exhibition will be officially open and accessible start on 14 June 2021


The Benefits

Why Sponsor

The 3rd IEECCE 2021 offers opportunities for the companies or organizations that wish to show significant presence their corporate or organizational brand image in virtually. Main Sponsors eventually could participate in the conference by sending a high-level expert to speak about the relevant topic.

We offer a wide range opportunity in a Sponsorship Package to would be Exhibitors in this great Event, where a sponsor will get specific “exposure slots” to show case the products during the Event. The Virtual Exhibition will be broadcast online 24 hours a day to make accessible in different timeline of the Globe and it is also offers a commercial break during the conference session. Find out more for what we offer by contact our staff. Don’t miss it !


Sponsorship Information

Sponsor/Exhibitors will also get other benefits included in a package of compensation for their sponsorship. Please observe the detail information below.

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As the number of spots on the virtual event’s scheduled broadcast are rather limited, sponsorship opportunities will be accepted on ‘first come first served’ basis.

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